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how to mod SCUM SinglePlayer was created by CowboyNuke
NO, MODDING YOUR SINGLE PLAYER SAVES WILL NOT affect your multi player experience at all, this is only for your single player character.

I am not responsible for your game breaking, always make backups.

when done with editing your xml file, you might need to resave it as a .txt to reimport it

Without further ado here we go: Step one: If you haven't create a character in SCUM for sp, once your in game, close out of the game and download a db browser of your choice. (im using DB Browser for SQLITE)

Step two: Get your save game file from: C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Local\SCUM\Saved\SaveFiles

Open your db browser and click on open database, navigate to your save files, open your .db file and now you can view/edit some files!

Step three: To edit specifics click on your database structure (you need to find the tables of the DB.)

Open your prisoner table, you can do this by right clicking it and clicking browse table.

Step four: Now you'll be in another section, here you can change some basics but to get into advanced go to the end of the table and find your Prisoner file in the xml tab, go to the right side of the program, click on "export" and then save the file as an xml file, you want to open it in any xml viewer you have, but notepad will do despite it being not recommended

Step five: Peek around! I have not edited a lot of values yet, just found the locations, when you are done simply re import your xml file, write your changes to the db and enjoy!

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